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 Pipe & Tabor Festival

Thursday / Sunday 12 - 15th September.

 Undercover Festival

Friday / Saturday 13 - 14th September.

Punk reaches Woking at last - a century after the Martians.

 Cranleigh Folk Festival Postponed

13 - 15th September.

Proposed to raise funds for Saint Nicholas Church this event is postponed due to licensing delays.

If you're near Cranleigh anyway you could view Three Points of View exhibiton at the Arts Centre, 10 - 28th.

 Oxfordshire Comes to The Guildford Institute ???

Magpie Lane

Friday 27th September.

The Oxfordshire folk quintet, last here with The Robber Bird and Three Quarter Time CDs - will be back (eventually), and have released another CD called The 25th - it's their 10th!

The Pilgrim Morris Summerpole

Fed-up with Brexit polls? Try this one:

 Saturday 4th May: they DID have a pole!

An alarming moment: the discovery that the Pigrim Summer pole had been stolen.

Efforts were made and a replacement supplied in the nick of time.

Even if it does look like the Sorting Hat . . .

The Almanac still up'n' . . . limping

Crookham Village Mummers

This year the Crookham Mummers raised a record-breaking £950 for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

For those who missed it here are a few photos and their statement.

A Grand Effort!

Need Mummers in Norfolk?

The Dragon Hall Mummers are available for hire!

I don't usually put in big commercial events, but they only charge fifty quid and it is for a museum . . . and they've got a Dragon???

[NB They may NOT have a Dragon.]

Almanac 2019

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