Mumming in Surrey and Hampshire. And other stuff sometimes.

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Festive Festival of Mumming

December 4th 1 - 3pm

The best of Surrey and Hampshire . . . in Sussex!

Far left of picture is Stephen 'Cough-drop' Goddard, sadly no longer with us.

Wine-tasting Evening

By the Friends of St. John, Merrow: Saturday December 4th

Farnham Maltings

Have a variety of crafty events involving the making of wire and willow robins, (rein)deer, stars and angels.

Featured from Nov 20 until the ides of December. I would've drawn the line at the chunky knit wreath though.

From wire-frame skeleton to finished needle-felted upholstery?

(Not really, you'll have look through all four pages at all the stuff.)

Hampstead Comedy Club

Traditional Jewish Xmas Eve: December 23rd

In Camden, on the wrong day. Lucky it's a comedy club.

Glow 2021 at Wisley

November 19 - January 4. (Time off for Christmas though.)

4 - 9 pm

The Pilgrim Morris Summerpole

Unlikely to happen this year - from last year:

 Saturday 4th May: they DID have a pole!

An alarming moment: the discovery that the Pigrim Summer pole had been stolen.

Efforts were made and a replacement supplied in the nick of time.

Even if it does look like the Sorting Hat . . .

Crookham Village Mummers

This year the Crookham Mummers raised a record-breaking £950 for the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

For those who missed it here are a few photos and their statement.

A Grand Effort!

Need Mummers in Norfolk?

The Dragon Hall Mummers are NOT available for hire!

They have been mothballed - pro temp? The Hall is still there and has some historic talks available.

[NB They did NOT have a Dragon.]

if you have an event that would benefit from a splash